My New Favorite All-In-One Invoicing, Contract, and Time Tracker Tool

For the last several months, I have been searching an app that can invoice, send contracts, and track time, but also be pretty at the same time! I'm so excited to tell you all about my new favorite invoicing, contract, and time tracker tool for virtual assistants because this one has replaced my long term love, 17Hats.

You've probably heard of 17Hats (or Dubsado, or Honeybook) as being what the majority of virtual assistants are using.

While they're great, they can be overwhelming to start off with.

I recently came upon And Co, which is completely beginner friendly, has a mobile app, and is GORGEOUS.

Seriously, gone are the days of my super ugly invoices. 

The best all-in-one tool for virtual assistants

As a virtual assistant, there are three main functions I need in a software:

  • Sending contracts
  • Sending recurring invoices
  • Time tracking

I also care a lot about aesthetic. 

I noticed that 17Hats looked really outdated.

17Hats was also pretty expensive, if you wanted to have more than 3 projects (or in my case, clients) at once. 

And Co has definitely been a huge upgrade for me, with its sleek, modern, and simplistic design.

Let's dive into the features of And Co.

Generate contracts

Now, I already have my own contract templates but when I was a brand new virtual assistant, I definitely needed something like And Co.

Get this: It generates your contract FOR you. 

Whether you charge by project or by hour, And Co accommodates

You can even put a cap on your monthly hours!

After you enter in all of your details, which takes about 2 minutes, you'll get your contract!

Then you can send it off to have it signed.

The contract is several pages long and if you needed to make correction or edits, you can do it right on the contract.

send invoices

And Co's invoicing system is just as easy to use. 

After you create your client, you will create a Project within that client.

Then, it will prompt you to create an invoice.

You can choose a one-time invoice and recurring invoices (great for retainer clients.)

The end result is gorgeous. 

Much prettier than the invoices that 17Hats offered.

BONUS: Unlike 17Hats, And Co accepts Stripe AND Paypal at once so your clients get the option to choose!

+10 for helping virtual assistants increase their client experience. Hurrah!

Time tracking for clients

Once your projects have been created for your clients, you can begin tracking time.

Type in what task you are doing and hit the green button to start tracking time.

It will turn red to show that it's tracking time. 

When the end of the month comes, just hit "Export Timesheet" on the top right hand corner and you're all set!


I haven't even gotten to the best part yet.

Since And Co is NEW, they have an early bird pricing available RIGHT NOW. 

And Co pricing 2017

At the cheapest, 17Hats is $25/month :( womp womp...

$9 for And Co is a total steal. I went ahead and got the yearly version.

Little things I love

There are also features of And Co that I really adore.

One being my personal Chief Officer! 

You know how when something goes wrong you have to submit an e-mail or wait forever on a phone call for a robot to pick up?

And Co assigns your own personal Chief Officer to take care of you during their office hours.

For example, I had a small issue where my contracts weren't sending out and Linda, my CO, took care of it for me on the spot.

So awesome.

Chief Officer for And Co

I wasn't expecting this, especially since 17Hats failed in the mobile app department, but And Co has an awesome mobile app already. 

This lets me invoice my clients when I'm on the go and not worry about having to do it from my laptop.

And Co is the real deal. 

Have you given 'and co' a try?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase through me, I may receive compensation at no extra cost to you. I have to 110% love the service or product before it ends up on this website.