How I Booked Out My Virtual Assistance Business in Less Than 6 Weeks

I am writing this blog post as someone that happily booked out my virtual assistance business in less than 6 weeks.

Yes. You read that correctly. Less than 6 weeks.

For the bulk of 2016, I was trying to grow my virtual assistance (VA) business and it was a giant guessing game. I was Googling and Pinteresting blog after blog post on “how to grow your virtual assistance business,” and the advice was either generic or vague.

I wasn't getting anywhere.

Yes, I tried Facebook groups, too.


Every day, there were hundreds of new virtual assistants joining virtual assistant Facebook groups and I knew that I wasn’t standing out from the crowd.

I did Upwork.

I did Fiverr.

I did the Facebook thing.

I did the PM-everyone-I-know-and-say-hey-I’m-doing-this-VA-thing thing.

I was doing more posting and flailing my resume around, than I was actually working for clients- and the clients I did have were paying me below minimum wage. Yeah. Not a good look.

On top of that, my contracts were month to month and I had no idea if I would have any clients renewing their contracts with me, the next month.

Fast forward to now, February of 2017, I am indefinitely booked out. I couldn’t tell you when I would be accepting new virtual assistance clients. Also, my clients are a dream to work with.

I feel so much comfort knowing she’s in there with me, responding to our audience and keeping everything running smoothly. Besides being amazing at her job, she’s also just a badass lady and all around wonderful human. I’m so lucky to have her on my team!!
— Mariah Coz, Femtrepreneur


Having a mentor.

And then doing the work that your mentor assigned.

That's it.

I was having a conversation with a peer who mentioned she was ready to book herself out and stop fucking around.

She had pre-enrolled for a course called Be Booked Out and she was already seeing results from the Facebook Group it came with, alone, without even cracking the first module yet.

Girl, what? Really? Okay. You have my attention.

I checked out the course and immediately balked at the price.

I would NEVER invest that much money in a course from someone I barely knew.

But honestly, that said a lot about me. I wasn't ready to invest in myself and my virtual assistance business because I didn't believe in myself.

I didn't think my business could actually be successful.

Fiona has common sense and that saves me a lot of time, headache, and micro-managing. Before working with Fiona, I felt annoyed. Now I feel organized and like I don’t have to do things by myself!
— Maya Elious, Content Strategist


I wasn't believing that my friend was really booking out so quickly.

Okay, I gave in and bought the course.

Immediately, I was welcomed into a super secret Facebook group for students only. 


I am a part of DOZENS of entrepreneurial Facebook groups and virtual assistance groups. I rarely get individual attention from the owner of the group, even if I was a student.

I was legitimately shocked that Halley went out of her way to answer all of my questions AND give me a free sales page audit AND answered my questions on live video every week. 

She actually gave a shit about my success. This is ridiculous- people like this still exist on the internet?

And the Facebook group environment? Legit. People actually helped me, gave constructive feedback, and plugged me to potential clients. 


So remember how I was saying I was Googling and Pinteresting all the information I could find online about becoming a virtual assistant and none of it was really working for me?

Well, I found out why.

Using generic information online was telling me the what but not the how or the why.

“Go post on Facebook groups.”

Okay! But how do I communicate my business effectively and why Facebook groups… not Twitter, not Instagram…?

I went through the motions but there was no substance behind my actions.

The first week was a breakthrough for me because I narrowed down exactly who I wanted to work with and why I wanted to work with them. This is a major turning point in my business because I couldn’t build a website, a brand, or a service for someone when I didn’t know who that ‘someone’ was.

This helped me narrow down which Facebook groups I was joining, which ads I responded to, and how I responded.


Getting the attention of potential clients was locked down, but I needed to drive them to my sales page and oh man, was my sales page a mess. I wrote down everything that I could do and tried to cram it all into one page.

I bombarded anyone who landed on that page and placed side by side price tiers ranging from $360 - $900.

Halley explained that each sales page should only have one price on it, since the person purchasing my $360 service is considerably different than the person seeking to work with me for $900.

Mind blown. 

With her sales page template, peer review, and Halley’s review, I created a sales page that did exactly what Halley said it would- convert readers to buyers.

I can't have a sales page that looked like I put together in 2 minutes because I don't know what to say. If I'm charging $900, I needed a sales page that looks $900.


I stopped taking the course on week 5. Like, I have no idea what the material even is because I spent most of this week taking discovery calls, back to back, and sending out contracts and invoices- invoices that were paid in full, upon signing the contract.

I had already made the price of the course back by this week and was so swamped with client work that I didn’t even open week 5.

On top of that, I was happy with the clients that I worked with and they needed my skill set on their teams. What they wanted and their business goals aligned perfectly with my vision as a virtual assistant.

Fiona is not only tech savvy and amazing at customer service, but she has taken more off of my plate than I ever expected someone to do – and so quickly! I feel confident that my community and students are in good hands with Fiona. I couldn’t imagine running my business without her.
— Megan Minns, Productivity Expert


I know, I know, there are so many courses out there. How do you know this one is for you? I highly encourage you to reach out to Halley if you have any questions- I know I did. I said, “Ey Halley, I’m a virtual assistant. Is it actually possible for me to get booked out for SIX MONTHS doing virtual assistant work?” She said yes. I was still skeptical… but here I am… booked out for at least the next year, since taking Be Booked Out. In fact, I needed to bring on my own VA to the team, or I would never have my blogs and social media taken care of.

Got your own questions? Definitely ask and check out her public Facebook Group for some other peer reviews.

If you're trying to get started as a virtual assistant and you're overwhelmed with the amount of information out there that doesn't work, if you invest in no other courses this year, I definitely recommend spending your time in Be Booked Out. I know if I didn't take it, I would still be crying into my breakfast, commenting on every post on the Being Boss Facebook Group (they're awesome btw), that asked if there were any VA's around, and rarely getting a response.

It's worth it.

I'll see you inside the private, student-only Facebook group for the course (and definitely tag me when you're inside, if you get stuck at all. I'm totally here for helping you succeed as a VA). Click here to enroll in Be Booked Out.


Let me know in the comments below.

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