A Quick, Non-Sleazy Facebook Pitch for Virtual Assistants

The idea of pitching your virtual assistance services might sound cringy. "Pitching" sounds so sleazy and salesy, like you need to be an expert persuasion master in order to make it work.

Welp, it's not true.

And in today's blog post, I'm going to talk about pitching your virtual assistance services in a genuine way. 

Everything you know about pitching is wrong

Dropping a link on Facebook and running away.

Saying, "PM me!" "E-mail me!"

Discounting yourself to be the cheapest version of what they're looking for.

This is where most of us are starting out when it comes to pitching... but it's 100% wrong.

Case: Rosie, looking for a VA

First off, if I don't believe in the client or what they're selling, I don't pitch them.


The first thing I do is I look at their pitch and see if there is something that really stands out to me.

You're going to be looking for:

  • What their end goal is
  • What they're REALLY looking for
  • How you can relate to this person

Let's look at my friend Rosie's recent job post on in my VA Facebook Group, for some inspiration.

Most VA's will look at this job ad and say, "I can help! PM me!" "Here's my website!"

The problem is that these VA's make it all about themselves. "I can help. PM ME." "Here's MY website."

That gives the potential client so much work to do.

You're essentially telling them "You need to contact me and come up with something to say to me, if you wanna work with me."

"You need to go out of your way to sift through my website and see if you like me."

This makes life unnecessarily annoying for your potential client.

Doing a little research (like 2 minutes worth)

The good thing is, when every VA is doing this, you can easily make yourself stand out by doing the opposite.

With Rosie's job ad, she is clearly a blogger. 

She wants marketing help.

So, simply, she is a blogger that needs marketing help.

A quick look at Rosie's website (they didn't state it? GOOGLE IT! Go that extra mile) shows me that she is a pro at social media, ConvertKit, and digital marketing in general.

This tells me that she is looking for someone who is a reflection of her.

Okay, so we just took all of three minutes to scope out who she is and dive deep into what specifically she's looking for, instead of flinging, "PM ME!" at her.

It's time to pitch her.

The Formula: Facebook Pitch

My pitch formula goes like this: 

[Break the ice by saying something about them that I genuinely like]. [Ask a question]. I'd love to talk about what type of support you're looking for! You can schedule a call with me here: [Link to intake form.]

If I was to pitch Rosie, it'd sound something like this:

"Hey Rosie! I love your blog- just checked out your last post on [what her latest post is]. I'm definitely familiar with Wordpress, Yoast, even ConvertKit and Pinterest. Are you looking for someone for a long term position? I'd love to talk about what type of support you're looking for! You can schedule a call with me here: [Link to intake form.]

Short, sweet, and so personal.

(Funny side story -> I actually applied to a job that Rosie posted without even knowing that she posted it! She sent me a message on Slack saying, "Fiona, you totally applied to my job application and I LOVED it!")

Your turn

Pitching needs to be intentional and from the heart.

Again, pitch to people that you believe in and businesses that you'd love to support. 

Let me know in the comments below how it goes :)