How do I get virtual assistance clients on Facebook?

When new virtual assistants ask me where they can find their first clients, I say that the best placed to get virtual assistant clients is from Facebook. As I’m writing this blog post in 2017, Facebook is currently making a comeback with Facebook Ads, Facebook Groups, and more people using their personal Facebooks to network. Your potential clients are most likely on Facebook, woe-is-me-ing over the fact that THEY CAN’T FIND YOU!

So let’s get you found.

How to get virtual assistance clients on Facebook

Have you figured out who you want to work with? If not, I recommend reading this blog post to pin down what your skill set you want to offer is. This will help you narrow down all the millions of groups, pages, and people on Facebook who are a total waste of your time so you’re completely focused on getting found by the clients you want to work with.

If you were the person you want to work with… where would you hang out?

I love working with business coaches and people who are launching courses online. So, who are these types of people following online? I frequent those same groups myself, waiting for someone to frustratingly shout, “I’m so tired of doing everything myself! HELP ME SOMEONE!”

Maybe you want to work with someone in the make-up and beauty industry. They may be on YouTube groups, make-up and beauty bloggers groups, fashion groups.

Want to work with authors? Look up Facebook groups specific to trying to get published.

This does take a bit of hustling and research on your part. Want to know a trick? Look up someone who you want to work with… like no matter how impossible it may seem, that dream client you want to work with. Then head over to the search bar in your Facebook page and type in “groups PERSON’S NAME joined.” If they’re hanging out in these groups, you know damn well that people JUST LIKE HIM/HER are also hanging out in these groups!

See me stalking Amy Porterfield’s groups below:

Ya damn right I have clients that are from those groups.

You need some sort of ‘landing page’

Okay Fiona, you’re doing that weird lingo speak again that no one understands… No wait! It’s simple, I promise. A landing page is literally just ONE PAGE that someone can go to in order to book a discovery call with you and learn more about you. You don’t need a full-on website if you’re not ready for all that (although I HIGHLY recommend starting a website.)

Not tech savvy at all? Don’t you dare choose the cheapest, “easiest” website builder you can find online. You are not cheap and the work you do can hardly be defined as “easy” so make sure your landing page or website reflects that. For a free quickstart on building a website from scratch… in about two days (dude, this website you’re reading this blog post on was built in two days using this tutorial) you need to check out this Free Squarespace Training by Megan Minns.

Your landing page, again, is just one simple page, but you NEED to have this, at the minimum, if you want to stand out among your peers. This consists of-

  • What you do

  • Who you do it for

  • What the investment is

  • What to do if the client is interested (schedule a call?)

  • 3-5 Testimonials (don’t have your first client yet? Seriously, just do a one time project for like 75% off for someone who will let you grab their photo, website, and raving testimonial. You’re not “cheapening your rates,” you’re doing some extra hustle in the beginning to secure your business in the future. Testimonials are gold).

Every time you see a job ad that you’re all YES YES YES about, post your landing page.

The art of pitching in a non-generic way

The only way you can really stand out from your peers is to genuinely be interested in the jobs that you are applying for. You can’t fake it. You could be the best writer in the world but if you don’t have a true passion for what you’re applying for, it’s noticeable.

Most virtual assistants will just leave a link to their website and run away! Slow down. Google their name. Check out their website. Read up on who they are, what they do, and what they value. If you feel like it’s a good fit for you, let them know, in one sentence, what you’re excited about and invite them to book a call with you. Then link your landing page or sales page- make sure it’s not just the homepage of your website because you don’t want them to have to go hunting for how to learn more about you.

Don’t just hang out on Virtual Assistant Facebook Groups

It’s helpful to be around peers, especially since the virtual assistant communities on Facebook are so welcoming and willing to give newbies a hand. But, you don’t want to spend all of your time on these groups because you’ll get overwhelmed by all of the different techniques and ways of getting clients. You can burn yourself out and lose confidence, especially if you compare yourself to other virtual assistants all the time.

Remember that there’s so many ways of doing something. Hell, if you try something I advised and your gut is like, “This isn’t how I like to do things,” TWEAK IT to fit your way! When you’re on these Facebook groups, remember that it’s not the end-all-be-all.

Now I wanna hear from you!

What do you find most frustrating about trying to find clients on Facebook? Let me know in the comments below.