How I Spend 75% Less Time Scheduling My Social Media, Using SmarterQueue

The bane of marketing, for me, has always been getting my social media content scheduled. As a parent of small children, I have to mindful of where my hours go, when I am spending time on my business.

Copy and pasting links and tweets to my social media scheduler was a major time suck.

Hiring someone to do it for me is an option, but it felt like a waste of money to pay a software to schedule my social media and pay someone to fill it up.

I’ve used Buffer, CoSchedule, a trial version of MeetEdgar, HootSuite, and CinchShare, so I was no stranger to social media schedulers, but none of them matched all of my needs.


  • Looped my posts so after a certain period of time, they can be reused. “Evergreen content.”
  • Allowed me to see a calendar view of what posts were scheduled, and when.
  • Allowed me to source social media content from others, that my audience may find enjoyable.
  • Is $20 or less, per month.
  • Is robust enough that I’m not constantly sending in support tickets.

I’ve currently been using SmarterQueue since I found out about it in October 2016 and I have no plans to switch. I used to spend at least one hour a day scheduling my social media, but I’m down to almost 10 minutes a day, if that.



The social media scheduler I was using prior to SmarterQueue was Buffer. While Buffer had an amazing customer support team, their version of evergreen content- the “Library,” was always breaking and I ended up having to manually put my content in my queue, every time. At the time of writing this post, Buffer has called it quits on their Library feature, which solidified my decision to leave.

To save time, I had an excel sheet of tweets, Facebook posts, and links, where I would painstakingly copy and paste into my Buffer queue.

Copy and paste.

Copy and paste.

This would take me about half an hour. Then I would see if any of my peers had new content for me to share, which took at least another half an hour.

There were some days where I just said, fuck it, and skipped social media scheduling altogether.


The biggest selling point for me, with SmarterQueue, is that I can schedule my posts and select the option to make it Evergreen.

Bye bye, copy and paste excel sheet. (Also, I was able to bulk upload my excel sheet of tweets and links right into SmarterQueue, to start!)


  • Forever and ever: This is perfect for material that you can keep in your queue forever, such as blog posts and products you are selling. Bonus: If you run a Facebook group and you have daily posts, this is a great way to keep it going with little maintenance.
  • Dated evergreen: You can set a date for when you want your evergreen content to expire. If you have a sale or an upcoming webinar that expires after a certain date, you can set that date.
  • After X amount of posts: There are some posts, like promoting your friends or sharing their posts, where you may not want to have them loop forever. You can set them to self-expire about they’ve been posted a number of times, so your audience doesn’t get bored of seeing the same thing.

You can also make one-time posts with SmarterQueue.

"My social media posting was messy before SmarterQueue. With SmarterQueue's user friendly platform and it's drag and drop, managing social media has never been easier." - Virtually Glenny, Virtual Assistant

Result: The evergreen feature alone negated any copy and pasting I was doing when loading up my queue for Buffer. I spend maybe 10 minutes adding new material from my peers, but I never have to worry about my SmarterQueue going empty. 

Want to see how much time SmarterQueue can save you? Get 1 month free by clicking the button below.


"I've been a die-hard Buffer fan, but after playing around with SmarterQueueI don't see myself ever using another social media management tool! I love how you can easily import content using a CSV file – I was able to populate my Twitter queue in a matter of seconds." - Holly Meyer, Holly Meyer Design



To really get value out of their scheduling system, get a good idea of what time your audience is engaging with your material. I noticed that on certain days, on certain hours, I was getting more retweets or responses, or maybe more people were clicking on my affiliate links.

With a single drag and drop, I could adjust each hour and see an overview of my weekly posting schedule.

Result: I love their calendar scheduling system. I can choose which accounts to post to, at what hour, and on what day, with a single click of a button. Color coding everything also helps me work faster, because I don’t have to read each category’s name.



Of course, I don’t want to toot my own horn all day long. Having a fresh perspective and different material from my peers can give my followers resources outside of my realm of expertise.

Previously, I would look at my Pinterest group boards for new blog posts, but it was time consuming to comb through them. SmarterQueue has a great feature that lets me find content based on keyword or certain bloggers that I follow.

“Since using SmarterQueue in my Facebook group, I've seen much more engagement.  SmarterQueue has also been great for helping me find and save relevant content that my audience is interested in, which booses engagement.” - Amber, The Disobedient Dietitian

Result: With their evergreen scheduling, the bulk of my time is spent on finding fresh content from other bloggers, to showcase to my audience. I don’t even need to leave SmarterQueue to do this anymore, when I can requeue directly from the bloggers themselves. This cuts back at least another 20 minutes out of my social media tasks.


There only competitor that could hold a light up to SmarterQueue is MeetEdgar, who is a whopping $49/month. As of February 1st 2017, here are SmarterQueue’s prices, pictured below.

I’m currently using their basic plan, although if I were to upgrade to Business, SmarterQueue would still be $10 cheaper than MeetEdgar.

SmarterQueue's pricing as of Feb 1st 2017
SmarterQueue's pricing as of Feb 1st 2017

You also have the ability to customize your plan, in case you want fewer posts, but more advanced anayltics, or more accounts, but less posts in queue. Up to you! Don’t pay for what you’re not going to use.

Result: I was initially on Buffer’s Awesome plan, but I needed to queue much more than just 100 posts. Their next tier up was $100, but I could get the same thing, with even more posts in queue, for $79.99 on SmarterQueue- AND SmarterQueue would give me evergreen posting, unlike Buffer. I’m here for the $19.99 plan.

Buffer's pricing, as of February 1st 2017. Their 'Small' plan is about $20 more expensive than SmarterQueue's Agency plan, but Buffer lacks SmarterQueue's evergreen capabilities.
Buffer's pricing, as of February 1st 2017. Their 'Small' plan is about $20 more expensive than SmarterQueue's Agency plan, but Buffer lacks SmarterQueue's evergreen capabilities.


If I set up my social media scheduler, I expect to set-it-and-forget-it.

I don’t want e-mails in my inbox saying that my tweet didn’t post because of whatever reason outside of my control. I don’t want people DM-ing my inbox saying, “Fiona, did you know that your image is broken?” How embarrassing.

If I’m paying for a software, it needs to work as it promises.

Result: Since October, I’ve had zero complaints about SmarterQueue. I’ve used their .CSV uploader for my clients and it works beautifully. I’ve never had accidental double, triple posts in a row (like my clients have noticed with MeetEdgar), and everything works.


The SmarterQueue team is lovely and willing to help with any questions that I had. I’m the type of person that before I invest my time (money can always be re-earned, but time I will never get back) into software, I need to know that I will be taken care of should anything go wrong. The team has incredible e-mail support that always got back to me in a timely manner.

They also reach out and ask if there is anything they could help you with and walk you through using their system.

Overall, I am happy as a worm in a peach when it comes to using SmarterQueue.

Want to give SmarterQueue a try? Get 1 month free by clicking the button below.



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