Breaking out of the February Slump (March 2017 Updates)

Every year... like clockwork...

I would be revved up and ready to go for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then my birthday (you December babies know exactly why I made sure to include this!), then Christmas, then New Years', and then... exhaustion.


How do you handle your February's? Mine always feel like I am in a smog of slump.

Revisions and refreshing

I knew February was going to be no different this year so I decided to spend the month taking care of the admin side of my business. February, although a short month, moves the slowest out of the year so I took the time to see which parts of my business were working and which needed to be looked over. Here are some of the biggest updates to Filled With Gold:

  • I no longer offer one-off services. It made me realize that different clients were at different levels of tech and while I could set-up tech systems, they may be rendered frustrating for a client that doesn't fully understand how to self-troubleshoot- and costly, to hire someone to make minor tweaks.
  • I migrated to Wordpress from Squarespace - well, my lovely developer Kristen did it for me because you'd really have to drag me kicking and screaming to do Wordpress migrations. Still, I spent a lot of time deciding on what I wanted the final product to look like... and the final product, ironically, looks like a Squarespace website hosted on Wordpress. I'd be that guy.
  • I'm actively on Instagram now. I never knew what a cozy little app this could be, given that I actually follow people I am genuinely interested in. I read a lot of blog posts saying how people look too perfect on Instagram, but if you fill your news feed with people you feel a connection with, you won't have that issue.
  • Fiona is now on YouTube. What What?! Okay, I'm terrified of the camera and I have no idea how to edit video, but hey, if you're interested in learning how to juggle multiple clients, using Asana, best click here(Please like and subscribe, if you  like me and want to subscribe to me).
  • I'm writing to my newsletter again. I've been terrible and I've literally been neglecting my newsletter since October... but I took some time to think about what direction I wanted to head into with my newsletter and I'm actively sending e-mails out again.

Revelations and light bulbs

I also took this time to comb over my subscriptions and ask myself which ones were really helping me and which were a time and money suck. Two of the apps I ended up letting go of was Photoshop and Snappa, and settled for Canva. While I LOVE Snappa's templates, it doesn't have the documents option which I need to make my worksheets. Photoshop has all the bells and whistles, but I needed something simpler. So, back to Canva I go.

SnapChat is another app that I let go of. I wasn't building my intended audience on it (it was mostly friends and family here in North Carolina) and it felt redundant to have a personal Facebook and a personal SnapChat.

I've been waking up at 3am-4am every morning, even on the weekends, which has made February 5X more productive than any month in the past six months. So productive, you'll be getting THREE blog posts from me each week (whoa!) because my brain is inspired and refreshed when I write first thing in the morning. I'll have a post in the future on how I've been convincing myself to get up so early and be productive (yes, even with a 14 month old baby and 3 year old who isn't in school yet!)

Plans for March

Oh boy oh boy, goal setting. Goal setting always makes me nervous because I know I tweak my direction halfway through (adapt and improvise, right?) Here are my three goals for the month of March:

  • Catch up on my Drip certification and complete it. I'm embarrassingly two weeks behind.
  • Create 2 more YouTube videos.
  • Send out a weekly newsletter on Mondays.

Your turn! What is your goal for March 2017?

I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!